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Mount Sinai Fire Department was formed in the fall of 1930 after a house burned to the ground because the nearest fire department from a neighboring town took twenty minutes to get there. The residents got together after a Civic Association meeting, October 25th, 1930, for the purpose of forming a fire department. They voted for it that evening and there it began. They held fund raising events such as spaghetti dinners and Square dances and eventually purchased the first fire truck. As times changed so did the complexity and needs of fire department. We formed Technical Rescue and Dive teams to cope with emergencies both on land and sea.

The fire district covers approximately five and a half square miles with Mt.Sinai Harbor and the Long Island Sound to the north for which the fire department maintains a fire boat for the protection of watercraft and life in the district. The Hamlet of Mount Sinai now has a population of approximately ten thousand with two four lane highways (County Road 83 and Route 25A) running thru it. The companies within the fire department still do fund raisers such as Spaghetti dinners and pancake breakfasts which are always supported by the community. At present time there are seventy five volunteers in the department ready, able and willing to serve their community.